Entry Automation v1.4 Released

Entry Automation for Gravity Forms version 1.4 is now available via auto-update and for download from the account page.

This release adds support for two complex field types, along with providing new conditional logic filters, support for custom field ordering and bug fixes.

Nested Forms and Repeater Field Support

The Repeater field added in Gravity Forms 2.4 and Gravity Perks’ Nested Forms field allow for users to easily enter in data on repeatable types of questions.

With Entry Automation 1.4, you can easily display the repeatable data in your export files.

Note: Nested Forms fields can only be exported to JSON and PDF files. Support for exporting Nested Form fields to CSV files will be added in a future update.

New Conditional Logic Filters

New starred and unread filters have been added to the conditional logic setting, providing more control about which entries are included in your Automation tasks.

Custom Field Ordering

Have even more control over your entry export files with the new Entry Ordering setting. Select the field you want entries to be sorted by and whether they should be sorted ascendingly or descendingly.

Entry Automation Version 1.4 Release Notes

  • Add custom ordering to Export Entries tasks.
  • Add starred and unread statuses to conditional logic filters.
  • Add support for Gravity Perks Nested Forms fields.
  • Add support for Repeater fields.
  • Add “fg_entryautomation_disable_task_skipping” filter.
  • Add “fg_entryautomation_export_email_headers” filter.
  • Add “fg_entryautomation_export_fields_include_inputs” filter.
  • Add “fg_entryautomation_export_lines” filter.
  • Add support for Polls, Quiz and Survey Add-Ons.
  • Fix HTML content type not being set when export email message contains HTML tags.
  • Fix issue with fields not appearing in PDFs.
  • Fix issue with task running when saving task settings.
  • Fix Run Task Now not using updates to export email message.
  • Fix run time preview displaying incorrect time.
  • Fix task running when form could not be found.
  • Update extension framework to support new extensions.
  • Update formatting of first run date on task settings page.