Setting Up PDF Generation

To generate a PDF when a form is submitted, you need to create a Fillable PDFs feed. This feed tells Fillable PDFs what to do with the submitted form entry to generate the PDF.

Creating a Fillable PDFs Feed

  1. Go to the Form Settings page on the form you want to generate a PDF for and click on the Fillable PDFs tab.
  2. Click the Add New button to create a new Fillable PDFs feed.

Configuring Feeds


  1. Enter in a name to uniquely identify this Fillable PDFs feed configuration.
  2. Select one of the templates you’ve created.
  3. Enter in the file name of the generated PDF. You can use merge tags to include field values in the file name.
  4. Select notifications you would like the PDF to automatically be attached to.
Template Fields

Map the fields found in your template’s PDF to the Gravity Forms form field you want to populate it from.


  1. Enter an User Password to require the user to enter a password to open the document.
  2. Enter an Owner Password to password protected the ability to modify the permissions set for the PDF file.
  3. Select what the user is able to do with the PDF file under File Permissions. These permissions include if they can duplicate it, modify it, print it and more.
  4. Download Permissions
    • Anyone – Anyone with the download link can download the PDF file
    • Anyone via secure link – Anyone with the download link can download the PDF file, but it contains an extra required token
    • Logged in user – Only the user who submitted the form entry or anyone with the secure link can download the PDF file
  5. Select Remove interactive form fields to prevent the user from editing any data in the PDF file. This will flatten the PDF and remove the fillable fields.