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Inserting Multiple Form Fields Into a PDF Field

By default, Fillable PDFs allows you to map a single Gravity Forms field or entry meta item to a PDF field. However, using the Use Custom Value option added in Fillable PDFs 2.0, we can insert multiple form field values into one PDF field.

With the PDF field you want to map to selected, scroll to the bottom of the mapping drop down and select the Use Custom Value option. The drop down will be replaced by an input field, allowing you to set the custom value for the PDF field.

Mapping a custom value to a PDF field.

Using the custom value input, you can insert all the available Gravity Forms merge tags. This lets you merge together multiple inputs of a multi-input Gravity Forms field (like a Name field). You can also use merge tags with their available modifiers for inserting Date field values with custom formatting.

Click here to learn more about Gravity Forms merge tags.