Live Population

Use merge tags to populate field values, labels and more without reloading the page

Live Population for Gravity Forms lets you use live entry data to populate your form’s fields without having to reload the page.

When creating a form field, you can add merge tags to get another field’s value to the field label, description, default value or placeholder. On the Live Population field settings tab, you can then choose which field should cause Live Population to occur and what field properties to update.

As a user fills out a form, if they enter data into a field that causes Live Population to happen, Live Population will send the necessary entry data to the server in the AJAX request, process your merge tags and insert the values into the form.

NEW: Populate Field Choices

Added in version 1.1, fields with choices (Checkboxes, Drop Down, Multi Select, Radio Buttons) can be populated from the values of a List field. You can either replace all the choices with the List field values or add them to your existing choices. This is great when trying to collect user data early on in a form, like a list of event attendees, and having the user choose on of the items later on.

Personalize A Form

With Live Population, you can personalize the form submission experience for the user filling out the form. Insert a name field at the start of the form and you can reference their name later on. Add an email field and have the label address them personally: “What’s your email, {Name}?”


Configure Live Population settings through a newly added field settings tab



  • Added support for populating merge tags in field choices from non-List fields.


  • Added support for Post fields.
  • Fixed duplicate field appearing in Live Population target field setting.


  • Fixed PHP notice when Gravitate Encryption plugin is not installed.


  • Added support for Gravitate Encryption plugin.
  • Added support for review pages.
  • Added ability to select multiple target fields to trigger Live Population.


  • Added "fg_livepopulation_delay" Javascript filter to change delay time when using "keyup" Javascript event.
  • Added "fg_livepopulation_event_type" Javascript filter to change Javascript event for non-checkbox/radio input fields.
  • Added plugin capabilities.
  • Added support for AJAX enabled forms.
  • Added support for {all_fields} merge tag in HTML fields.
  • Fixed a fatal error enqueuing front-end script when using versions of PHP prior to 5.5.
  • Fixed fields being included for Live Population when no target field was selected.
  • Fixed Live Population not running due to asynchronous AJAX requests being disabled.
  • Fixed Live Population not taking place when selecting checkbox or radio choices.
  • Updated population on form render to replace merge tags even when a target field is not selected.
  • Updated Live Population field settings tab to more clearly explain functionality.


  • Added population of checkbox, multi select, radio and select field choices from list fields.
  • Added support for populating section field labels.
  • Fixed description not populating if description was blank prior to population.
  • Fixed missing Live Population field settings for file upload fields.
  • Improved supported for placeholder population.


  • Added support for shortcodes in field content and descriptions.


  • It's all new!