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Legal Signing =
Legally binding esignatures in WordPress

Create and sign legally binding contracts with Gravity Forms - swiftly, securely, and reliably.

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Collect esignatures easily

Fully control and simplify all your contract signing processes!

Legally binding esignatures

Full audit trails. ESIGN compliance. Everything you need to ensure your business is set up well for every contract.

Custom workflows for every process

Easily set up new workflows and checkpoints. Fully control and update processes. Make sure your contract s get signed off on easily and swiftly by the right people.

Get started easily

Set up your workflows and esignatures in a couple of clicks. Import your existing PDF contracts and create a Gravity Forms form, or create a new one in a few steps.

Exclusive to the Professional and Agency licenses.

Secrecy and Privacy protected

Contracts are exclusively stored on your own servers. Configure rights and access directly and easily. Protect your confidential information the way you choose to.

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Sign on your screen, make it legally binding.

Add your real signature to the documents using the Gravity Forms Signature add-on. Legal Signing will take that signature and do what needs to be done to make it legally binding.

Digital signing requires Gravity Forms Signature Add-On.

Build advanced Workflows with conditional logic

Legal signing is fully compatible with Gravity Forms' powerful built-in conditional logic. Utilize this in-depth logic to generate only PDFs that match specific set rules.

Collect signatures in order

Participants can be asked to sign off in a sequence you specify or at random, with you as the initial signatory kicking off the process.

Full, detailed audit trails

Get all the history of the contract signing process. Find out exactly when specific signers were sent a notification to sign, viewed, and signed the form.

Lock down access

Full control access to contracts. Set up how and when signatories can view and download their copy of a signed contract.

Map form fields to people

You can set fields to be owned by specific signatories, and disable or hide them for others. Get the right signatures and data in the right places, every time!

Set your timeline for signature submission

Every step of the workflow can be mapped to a date by when a signature is required, ensuring you can deliver a contract on time.

No more chasing for signatures

Get all the signatures you need, when you need them, by setting up notification the way you prefer to. Send people reminders at the right time without needing to lift a finger!

Secure digital proof

The final contract will come with an X509 certificate, proving that it was created by the Legal Signing API. Any further modifications to the document would automatically remove the certification, invalidating it. This protects you and your signatories from malicious actors with document security you can trust.

Legal Signing will be available soon!

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