Entry Automation

Automate common entry clean up actions including deletion and export

Entry Automation for Gravity Forms simplifies common actions surrounding Gravity Forms entries, like deleting entries that are no longer needed and exporting entries you need available on a frequent basis.

With Entry Automation, all automation actions run on a schedule you define. Each action can start running at a specific time or at the next scheduled processing time after creating the action. Entries used in automation actions are set using a relative date range, with options to set a time from minutes to years ago. Conditional logic can be applied to finely tune which entries to target with your automation action.

Generate Weekly Reports

One of the most common reasons for exporting Gravity Forms entries is to generate reports around form submissions being submitted to your website. With Entry Automation, you can ensure your weekly reports show up on time. Never forget to accidentally run a manual export again! Using available filters, you can even add a summary to your export email that includes the number of entries exported and the total payment amount of the entries.

Share Entries Without Site Access

When building a website for a client, sometimes you want to provide them with the data from the website without giving them backend access. Using Entry Automation, a client’s website can be set up to automatically email them form entries on a weekly, daily or even hourly access. This allows them to see entry data without needing access to the WordPress admin.

Remove Unneeded Entries

Not every form entry needs to be kept around forever. Many entries can be deleted soon after they were created. For example, User Registration “Update User” entries, or data that was sent to a service like MailChimp or Salesforce. Entry Automation allows you to automatically delete those unneeded entries. Select a relative date range and how often to run to have your unneeded entries automatically deleted from your site. You can also use conditional logic to get more specific about entries to delete.


  • Delete entries on a schedule
  • Automatically export form entries
  • Send emails containing your exported entries
  • Control deleted and export entries with conditional logic
  • Define the specific date and time an action should first run
  • Run multiple actions at once with drag-and-drop action ordering


Delete all form entries once a week.
Export the past week's form entries every week.
Send the export files to multiple recipients.
Run multiple Entry Automation actions on a form, with control over what order they run in.



  • Added error validation for task date range.
  • Added export email settings (from address, from name, message, subject).
  • Added "fg_entryautomation_recurrence" filter to control how often Entry Automation cron action runs.
  • Added "fg_entryautomation_{verb}_task" action for custom tasks.
  • Added "Last Exported File" to feed list.
  • Added minimum PHP version check.
  • Added plugin capabilities.
  • Added support for definitive dates for task date range (YYYY-MM-DD or YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS).
  • Added task ID modifier to "fg_entryautomation_search_criteria".
  • Added timezone correction for first run time.
  • Added setting to allow overwriting of existing export file.
  • Added validation to "Select Fields" Export settings field to ensure at least one field is selected.
  • Fixed DateTimeZone not initializing when GMT offset is set to a positive integer.
  • Fixed error when calculating first run time.
  • Fixed issue where task would request entry pages that did not exist.
  • Fixed issue with tasks set to run weekly/monthly running too often.
  • Improved interface for setting initial task run time.
  • Improved interface for setting task date range.
  • Improved task configuration interface.
  • Removed default feed processing filter.
  • Updated "fg_entryautomation_export_file_name" filter to run after detecting duplicate file name to allow for more flexible modifying.
  • Updated task configuration interface to display last active tab on save.
  • Updated time conversion method to default to strtotime function when DateTime cannot be initialized.


  • It's all new!