Easy Passthrough

Easily transfer entry values from one Gravity Forms form to another

Easy Passthrough for Gravity Forms lets you populate a form’s fields with user entry data from another form. This is an easy way to break up a large amount of fields over multiple forms, increasing user engagement and preventing form abandonment.

Passthrough Form Data in 30 Seconds

To enable Easy Passthrough, add a new Easy Passthrough configuration to the form you want populated, select which form you want to populate from and map the fields between the two forms. You can also use conditional logic to only passthrough certain entry data.

As users visit your site, their form entries are stored in a secure cookie throughout their browsing session. When they load a form, Easy Passthrough checks for available configurations and passes-through available entry data.

No More Ugly URLs!

Instead of sending passthrough data with a URL, Easy Passthrough transfers the data in the background. Now you can implement your form passthroughs on any page without having to worry about 200+ character long URLs that contain every data point in your form.

Secure Data Transfer

When populating Gravity Forms fields using dynamic population through a query string, it is easy for the user to manipulate the data being passed to the second form. All they have to do is modify the URL and the values are changed on the form. This is not a major concern for simple passthroughs like names and emails but is an issue for forms passing through more sensitive data.

Easy Passthrough makes data transfer between forms more secure. On every form submission, the generated entry ID is stored in a server-side cookie and a reference to this cookie is sent to the user. This cookie reference is then stored in their browser. This allows the entries filled out during a browsing session to be stored for easy reference, but in a way that doesn’t allow the user to tamper with the data.


Setting up the passthrough on the Easy Passthrough configuration screen.



  • Added "fg_easypassthrough_cookie_path" filter to modify cookie path.
  • Added "fg_easypassthrough_expiration" filter to modify cookie expiration time.
  • Added "fg_easypassthrough_field_values" filter to modify field values prepared for Easy Passthrough.
  • Added "fg_easypassthrough_form" filter to modify form object after Easy Passthrough has been applied.
  • Added "fg_easypassthrough_populate_same_form" filter to allow form to be populated from itself.
  • Added plugin capabilities.
  • Added populating individual entry via "ep_token" query parameter.
  • Added support for mapping Date and Time fields.
  • Fixed a PHP notice when no passthrough occurs.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple input fields could not be unmapped for passthrough.
  • Fixed fatal error with PHP 5.3.
  • Fixed field labels not appearing correctly in field mapping for multiple input fields.
  • Fixed no rows appearing in multiple column list fields if an empty value was mapped.
  • Fixed incorrect apply_filters calls.
  • Updated cookie name.
  • Updated "fg_easypassthrough_form" to run when no field values are prepared for passthrough.


  • It's all new!