Live Population v1.2 Released

Live Population for Gravity Forms version 1.2 is now available via auto-update and for download from the account page.

This release now allows for merge tags to be replaced when a form is loaded without having to select a field that causes Live Population to happen. This is great for when you have a summary HTML field on a multi-page form and want to display multiple field values in the content area.

Refreshed Field Settings Tab

The Live Population field settings tab also received some attention in version 1.2, with a slightly re-tooled interface that more easily explains what each setting does. Tooltips have been added to provide additional information and you no longer have to select a field to trigger Live Population to be able to set Live Population up.


Live Population Version 1.2 Release Notes

  • Added “fg_livepopulation_delay” Javascript filter to change delay time when using “keyup” Javascript event.
  • Added “fg_livepopulation_event_type” Javascript filter to change Javascript event for non-checkbox/radio input fields.
  • Added plugin capabilities.
  • Added support for AJAX enabled forms.
  • Added support for {all_fields} merge tag in HTML fields.
  • Fixed a fatal error enqueuing front-end script when using versions of PHP prior to 5.5.
  • Fixed fields being included for Live Population when no target field was selected.
  • Fixed Live Population not running due to asynchronous AJAX requests being disabled.
  • Fixed Live Population not taking place when selecting checkbox or radio choices.
  • Updated population on form render to replace merge tags even when a target field is not selected.
  • Updated Live Population field settings tab to more clearly explain functionality.