Fillable PDFs: Introducing trials and Pay As You Go

There are two new highly requested features being introduced to Fillable PDFs: subscription trials and Pay As You Go pricing.

Subscription Trials

With a highly customizable plugin like Fillable PDFs, it can be difficult to tell if it fits your needs just by reviewing the product page. Sometimes, you need to try it out yourself.

Starting today, all Fillable PDFs licenses will begin with a seven day trial, allowing you to ensure that Fillable PDFs is the right plugin for your Gravity Forms PDF generation needs.

Pay As You Go

It is impossible to fit everyone’s PDF usage needs into a few available subscription tiers. To help with this issue, we’re adding Pay As You Go pricing. With Pay As You Go, any PDFs generated above your monthly tier will be charged per document at the price for your tier.

For example, the Basic plan allows for generating up to 250 PDFs per month with a 9ยข per PDF cost above the limit. With Pay As You Go, if you generate 275 PDFs one month, you will be charged $6.75 when your subscription renews for the 25 PDFs generated above your limit.

Previously, if you hit your monthly limit, PDFs would no longer generate. With Pay As You Go, you can be rest assured Fillable PDFs will continue to generate your PDFs, even if you go a little bit above your limit.

Pay As You Go is an opt-in feature that can be enabled from your account area.