Easy Passthrough v1.1 Released

Easy Passthrough for Gravity Forms version 1.1 is now available via auto-update and for download from the account page.

This release now allows for entries to be passed-through via a URL. This is great for when you want to send an email notification to a user containing a link to a form that will passthrough data they previously filled out.

Passing Through Entries via URL

After you have configured Easy Passthrough for the form you want to pass data to, a new Easy Passthrough Token merge tag will be available on the source form for confirmations and notifications. This merge tag will allow you to insert the token into the URL you want to send to users to populate this entry on the target form. This token must be added as the “ep_token” query parameter to the URL.

Note: Using entry passthrough via URL is not required if you are only passing through data during the user’s browser session like normal.


Easy Passthrough Version 1.1 Release Notes

  • Added “fg_easypassthrough_cookie_path” filter to modify cookie path.
  • Added “fg_easypassthrough_expiration” filter to modify cookie expiration time.
  • Added “fg_easypassthrough_field_values” filter to modify field values prepared for Easy Passthrough.
  • Added “fg_easypassthrough_form” filter to modify form object after Easy Passthrough has been applied.
  • Added “fg_easypassthrough_populate_same_form” filter to allow form to be populated from itself.
  • Added plugin capabilities.
  • Added populating individual entry via “ep_token” query parameter.
  • Added support for mapping Date and Time fields.
  • Fixed a PHP notice when no passthrough occurs.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple input fields could not be unmapped for passthrough.
  • Fixed fatal error with PHP 5.3.
  • Fixed field labels not appearing correctly in field mapping for multiple input fields.
  • Fixed no rows appearing in multiple column list fields if an empty value was mapped.
  • Fixed incorrect apply_filters calls.
  • Updated cookie name.
  • Updated “fg_easypassthrough_form” to run when no field values are prepared for passthrough.