Fillable PDFs


Fillable PDFs for Gravity Forms allows you to create editable PDFs from form submissions and import editable PDFs as Gravity Forms forms.

Generate Multiple PDFs Per Form

With Fillable PDFs, you can generate multiple PDFs for every form submission you receive, allowing you to create PDFs for internal usage while supplying your customers with more user friendly PDFs.

Each Fillable PDFs feed allows for granular control of the final generated PDF. Keep your PDFs password protected so only the necessary people can open them. Enable individual file permissions to limit what users can do with the PDFs. Set download permissions, limiting access to the PDFs to anyone, users who have a secure link or only the logged in user who submitted the form. Automatically attach the PDFs to notifications to ensure users get a copy of their generated PDFs. Use available merge tags to add a link to the generated PDFs to the confirmation page.

Create Forms From Your PDFs

Not only can you generate PDF files form Gravity Forms form submissions, but you can also turn your editable PDF into a Gravity Forms form! Using the new “Import PDF” tab on the Gravity Forms “Import/Export” page, you can either upload a PDF or select an existing Fillable PDFs template. Fillable PDFs will then extract all the fields from the form, where you can then change the field label, field type, field choices (where applicable) and the required state.

Once you’ve imported your PDF, you can setup a Fillable PDFs feed on your new form that will generate a PDF based on that imported file… allowing you to go from nothing to a complete PDF submission workflow in only a few minutes!

Your Data Is Safe

While Fillable PDFs generates your PDFs in the cloud, none of your users’ entry data is stored by ForGravity. When creating a new Fillable PDFs template, all template related data is stored by ForGravity. After a form is submitted, the template ID and field values are sent to ForGravity to generate the PDF. After the PDF is generated, it is sent back to your site to be stored locally, with our copy of the generated PDF and the field values being destroyed immediately.


  • Generate PDF on form submission using entry data
  • Import PDF as a Gravity Forms form
  • Add PDF generation as a workflow step in Gravity Flow
  • Prevent PDF generation until PayPal payment is received

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What user data does ForGravity store for Fillable PDFs? ForGravity saves your templates in the cloud to reduce the load time when generating PDFs. When a PDF generation request is submitted, the mapped fields are only saved during the duration of the generation request. After the PDF generation is complete, the mapped field values and generated PDF are immediately deleted.

  • Does importing a PDF as a Gravity Forms form count against my monthly usage limit? No. PDFs generated via form submission are the only PDFs counted against your monthly usage limit.

  • Can I add a signature to a PDF? PDF signatures, or any other image embed, are not currently supported.

  • How many sites can I use Fillable PDFs on? Every license for Fillable PDFs is valid on all the sites you run and is only limited by the number of monthly generated PDFs you purchase.