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Populating a Field Label

With Live Population, you can use merge tags in your field labels to create a more customized form experience.

Creating The Form

We are going to create a simple two field form. In the first field, we’re going to add a standard Name field to find out who the user is. The field label for the Name field is going to be "What's your name?"

The second field is going to be an Email field so we now how to contact them afterward. We want to address the user directly, so we’re going to add a merge tag to the field label to include their first name: "What's your email, {Name:1.3}?"

Adding Live Population

Now, we need to get Live Population to update the merge tag after the user has entered in their first name.

While editing the Email field, navigate to the Live Population field settings tab. We’re going to select the “Allow field to be populated when another field is updated” checkbox to enable Live Population for this field.

Next, we’re going to select the Name field from the “Populate When Field Changes” drop down. This will tell Live Population to update the merge tags on our Email field when the user enters text into the Name field.

Finally, we’re going to select the “Field Label” checkbox so Live Population will replace the merge tags in our Email field label the Name field is updated.

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