Passing Through Entry Data via Link

Easy Passthrough allows for entry data to be transferred across multiple sessions using the special Easy Passthrough token. This token is a secret key, unique to each entry, preventing random users from guessing at the token and passing through entries they should not have access to.

Easy Passthrough token links can be added to both form confirmations and notifications.

Adding an Easy Passthrough Token

  1. Go to the Confirmation or Notification you want to add the token to.
  2. Add the ep_token={Easy Passthrough Token} query parameter to your link.

    For example, if your original link is, your link with the query parameter should be{Easy Passthrough Token}. The {Easy Passthrough Token} merge tag will automatically be replaced with the token unique to that entry.

When the user visits that link, the entry will be added to their current session and usable by any forms that use that entry’s source form.